When the snow falls

Chapter 4


Today I am really tired because I went to play a football match with my mama (I really love her).My real parents just came to this  country and i’m really happy and they took me to the best football game and then they let me buy my favorite sweet, chili mili. Then we came home and watched Mr Bean. I used to watch Mr Bean when I was 5, and today was the best day of my life because Olivia was not even in the house.


Today Mr Edward is going to speak to my real parents. The school was even good, but today my dad and mom are asking who Olivia is and I can’t believe that mom and dad asked me that.   Come,I’m going to tell my dad and mom about Olivia.

“Ok then go on, who’s Olivia?” asked  dad. 

“Olivia was  alive 17 years ago, she is a really old girl. 17 years ago Olivia was born and as soon as she was born 2 weeks later the world war started and her parents died. Then a man took her to a different country to meet Miss Parker because there was no one to look after her. That’s why the man took her to Miss Parker and then Miss Parker raised her  until  she was 16. She demanded to Miss Parker that she can live in her own house because she is old enough to live on her own  and she sold the house and came here.”I told my parents the long story.”


“So that is the story of Olivia” said mom.

By the way who was the man who took Olivia to miss Parker”asked dad

“I don’t know,”I told my dad .

“So we have to find out about that man”said dad

“But why?”i said

“Let’s go, and stop asking questions”dad said 


Then we got in the car and dad was going really far away. I mean that was like we’re going to the airport. 

“Dad, are we going to the airport?” I asked.

“Yeah, now stop asking me dumb questions Ava OK”said dad

“Ok”I said .

Then we went to the airport to meet the man because dad knows the man and then we entered the airport. Then we met the man and dad found out that they were childhood friends.

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