Breaking News! -Return of Megalodon?

BREAKING NEWS! -Return of Megalodon?  


Earlier today a group of citizens were out walking beside the beach, when they saw a glimpse of a huge mouth rising out of the water. They spoke of teeth as big as a human hand, and a jaw as wide as an elephant. The group fled the beach and immediately called the police, they described it as the shark from the movie jaws. 

A couple were sitting on the pier while the group were there. They proclaimed that they did not encounter this beast or see his jaws. Instead, they only saw a lost blue float that was drifting silently along the shore. 


A member of the group has come to give further information about the sighting of the possible Megalodon, here is a young female: Daisy-  

“Well, me and my group were out walking along the beach when we saw a massive thing poppin its head out the water, it looked like a giant shark, well at least it didn’t eat us, Haha.” Ha well thank you for that. 


Now we have a man who was sitting with his wife looking down at the sea. Carl, what is your POV? 

“Now then, my wife and I were sitting at the edge of the pier, when we saw a small blue shark floatie. There was a group of people walking along the beach. They just screamed and ran off; it was bizarre, and creepy. But overall, Megalodon does not exist it went extinct years ago, goodbye.” 

That is it from our eyewitnesses, please stay clear.  


For further details please contact BBC      

We will update you on what is going on, see you next time for more, crazy content like this, bye from us! 

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