Super-Sight Specs

Buy the newest spy gadget that everyone has! Super-Sight Specs!

Are you a senior spy looking for a special pair of glasses? Well, all your problems will vanish, as Super-Sight Specs are coming your way! It also doubles as a pair of glasses! With one little click on the top of the glasses, the heat seeing comes on!​

Super-Sight Specs is the newest gadget for the oldest of spies. It boasts a whole load of functions:
• Heat glasses
• A normal pair of glasses
• A super strong frame made of titanium
• A durable pair of lenses for even the most dangerous adventures

This ideal-sized pair of glasses has the added bonus of a free leather case that can turn invisible when an intruder is detected. This is sure to deter your enemies as it can spread a disgusting smell of rotten egg.

This amazing pair of glasses is recommended by Harry Palmer himself!

Comes free with a charger and leather case. From the 18th of July, you and your spy friends can all wear these amazing glasses. Use the code SEEHEAT18 to get 20% off! Order now from!

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