The Brilliant Book of Answers

The Brilliant Book of Answers

If you are a junior spy, and you need a new gadget, then don’t let your fellow spies out-smart you. Well, all of your problems will disappear when you try the all new Book of Answers. Don’t let your opponent get the best of you when spying on them. Read the instruction.

This book has a built in voice and it even talks to you and answers you when you are in a tricky situation. There are millions of things that this book can do:

• It can figure out the fastest route

• It can help find all of your enemies’ hideouts

• It tells you facts about were you are in the world.

That are just some of the cool things that the book can do.

This ideal book can be taken anywhere and it can be transported in a bag or in any case of any sort. It will come with a case though so don’t worry because the case is the perfect size for the book to fit in. If you have any problems please contact us.

This book is recommended for you or any spy. If you would like by this book, make sure you contact us or you go to the store to buy one. Order online for £0 extra money and if you buy it in the next month, then you can get one for your friend too. The Brilliant Book of Answers.

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