Ashton house

Go and open the indigo door,

there might just be-

a singing dolphin flying through hoops,

the shimmering sky shining down on the floor

or an eye starring down into your soul.


Go and open the rouge door,

there might be a flamingo munching on his food,

a walking pig snorting at his friends having a race

or a silly slice of ham wiggling away from a sandwich.


Go and open the ruby door,

there might be a bunch of rose petals flying out the window,

a heavy heart pumping gooey blood around the room

or a fire burning up the door screeching its wood on the floor.



Go and open the yellow room,

there might be a canary singing a song,

daft ducklings feasting on cheese

or a pinch of lemon juice dropping on your tongue.


Go and open the lime door,

there might be a lazy lizard slithering around,

a frog sprinting up the dak door

or a blade of grass waving its body around.


Go and open the coffee door,

there might be two grim grizzly bears screaming and fighting,

two dogs barking and yelling at each other

or an acorn that fell on someone’s head.

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