My magic doors.

Go and open the arctic door,

maybe there a gas fire that blears in your face,

or maybe there could be a blueberry coming flying in your face.


Go and open the white door,

maybe there could be loads of clouds,

or a piece of sheep fur tickling under your nose until you sneeze.


Go and open the mint green door,

maybe a cactus will prickle your chin,

or a lizard creeping up your spin

as you walk through a bunch of leaves.


Go and open the pink door,

maybe there’s a pink cloud floating above you,

or a slice of ham drifting down into your face,

or maybe a flamingo flapping its wings up and down.


Go open the orange door,

maybe there is pumpkin hanging upside down,

or beans pouring from the sky,

or maybe a carrot peeling itself.


Go open the brown door,

maybe there is a grizzle bear waiting behind a tree,

or conkers falling of trees,

or maybe a coconut waiting to drop on your head.

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