The doors of doors

Go and open the cedar door,

Maybe there is-

An ensemble of violins playing a sweet lullaby at you,

Two bear cubs playing happily perhaps

Or conkers clicking vigorously in perfect sink.


Go and investigate the orange door,

There could possibly be Paddington bear enjoying a scrumptious marmalade sandwich

A fox playing with a basketball

Or an ochre flame dancing wildly


Go and open the crepe door,

Smell the sweet aromas of cotton candy and tulips

And feast your eyes on piglets and flamingos

Or enjoy a feast of ham, pink macaroons and a salty treat of salmon chips.


Go and explore the room with the red door,

Dance with poppy’s and listen too the sounds of fire engines

Or the sad whispers of lobsters that have been boiled alive.


Go and open the seafoam door

Camouflage with chameleons and swim with turtles

Or dance with a dianthus.


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