Through the orange door

I found a sunset as dark as night,

A starfish dancing it the sea,

A crab as orange as a tangerine.


Through the green door

I found a  four leaf clover dancing in the wind,

A very hard  frog jumping away,

Vines climbing up to the roof.


Through the purple door

I found  hundreds of butterflies running in the sky,

Bluebells as purple as Barny the dinosaur,

A ready  Ribena berry bush to be picked.


Through the white door

I found clouds as soft as a bunny,

Crunchy pink candy floss,

And a feather dancing in the wind.


Through the yellow door

I found gold bars as shiny as the sun,

 Crunchy corn,

And a smiling flower looking at me.


Through the indigo door 

I found the soundless sea,

 A dolphin jumping around

And the navy night sky.

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