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Through the magical doors

The doors of wonders


Through the tangerine door

I felt the braveness of a warrior,

I saw a fire blazing in the breeze,

A carved pumpkin glaring at me as a chocolate wrapper crunches.


Through the blush door

I felt the softness of fresh cotton candy,

I saw small pink petals falling as gracefully as a swan off a beautiful cherry blossom tree,

I felt nervousness of a new actor.


Through the cornflower door

I saw a gentle ocean pressing up a tan beach front,

tears falling down a soft baby’s face,

I felt the coldness of an ice cream.


Through the lime door

I stood on a freshly cut lawn,

leaves falling of the old branches and landing with a crunch,

I felt the sickness of an frail granny as she coughs.


Through the primrose door

I could feel the happiness of a little girl playing in her garden,

I could see buttercups dancing in a big field as the sun smile shines big and bright.


Through the bronze door

I could feel warm sand stretching out on my palm,

A boy’s hair gently drifting in the wind,

the tiredness of a nightshift worker.

Through the magical door

Through the Blue door

I heard the noise from Ibrox Stadium, 

A blue whale howling,

Scotland living the life,

 the sky slowly moving.


 Through the red door

I heard the joy of a movie night with your family,

Love spreading around the world,

Cuddles from your Mum and Dad,

All the times your mum and Dad takes you out to make you happy.



Through the orange door

I saw a boy going to the shop to buy his family an orange,

Pumpkins getting carved,

Goldfishes swimming around there orange bowl,

Carrots getting halved for Horses.


Through the green door

I saw leaves falling from trees,

People swinging from vine to vine,

People picking Brambles from bushes,

Horses eating grass like they have never eaten before.


Through the pink door,

Maybe there is a fluffy pillow waiting for you, 

A  long living pink flamingo standing in the same position,

Or a really hard couch.



Through the yellow door

There was a lonely Daffodil in the field,

The sun was burning the sand, 

The sand was getting in peoples shoes

My magical poem




Through the ocean door,

I found Dori swimming in the sea meeting other creatures,

Blue eyes staring at the middle of spooky scary night.


Though the green door,

I found a jungle with lots of animals it was almost like a stamped charging,

Troon links golf course where I got my first hole in one.


Through the red door,

I found lots of roses siting  on a park all the way in London for the queen,

Flamingos standing in the dancing water fluttering on the lovely evening,

Hearts all over the world and they are full of joy and happiness.


Through the Voilet door,

I found a plum I ate it was delicious it tasted like a cake a plum cake but still it was really good,

A violet water bottle with healing  water and if you drink from it you are healed for the rest of your life.


Through the pink, 

I found pink bright blooming sun in the dying evening at around 6:00pm,

A pen writing its way to finish the story.


Through the orange door,

I found a marmalade Sandwich homemade it was really good,

An orange and me eating it was like I was eating a pie but still tasty.

The doors of mystery

Through the scarlet door

I saw a fire truck wailing,

A heart pulsing in a hospital,

Blood dripping bloop bloop bloop…



Through the hunter green door

I saw apples falling from a tree,

Frogs hopping from Lilypad to lilypad,

Tennis balls bouncing off the ground…



Through the white door

I could glide my hand through clouds and it felt as soft as a bear cubs fur,

I saw a dove nose dive down to catch fish,

I could feal cream fill in my mouth…



Through the yellow door

I could see lemons getting squished,

I could see the sun shining brighter than some peoples souls,

When I sat down I could feal thousands of dandelions…



In the orange door

I could see gold fish jumping out the pond bloop,

I could see people playing basketball,

I could go pick apricots from the thousands of trees…

Through the colorful door.

I drew a bramble with my purple pen,

As I helped my gran make blueberry jam ,Through the pink door

I found cotton candy,

A pool of strawberry milkshake

 where I felt loved and happy.


Through the green door

I saw vines and plants,

a green garden filled with greens and juicy veggies,

Where I was doing my best to be eco-friendly.


Through the yellow door

I found a sun as bright as a star,

 Happy bananas dancing in the fruit bowl,

As I felt a joyful smile come across my face as I  jumped with my new yellow jump rope.


Through the beige door

I visited a cosy warm beach,

As munched on an ice cream cone but the ice cream fell off! so that was sad, 

As  it was very warm I understood.


Through the purple door


And my gran made me laugh and smile.


Through the orange door

 I found a carrot as orange as a flame,

As I eat an orange as orange as can be. 




through the magical doors


Through the baby blue door

I found the blue roll sitting alone waiting to be used,

A blue bell dancing in the rain,

The sky arguing with the sun,



Through the green door

I found the trees leaves falling off turning to marmalade leaves,

The grass starting to grow every second,

The Celtic players celebrating because they won playing rangers.



Through the black door

Maybe there is a charcoal cat relaxing in its cosy fluffy bed,

A big bowl of dark chocolate waiting to be ate,

Or maybe even a creepy spider crawling up your back!…


Through the yellow door 

I found the beautiful sunflower happily swaying in the wind,

The banana having a party with all the other juicy fruits in the fruit bowl,

The pencil being used for the exam,

The sun singing to the clouds.


Through the red door 

Maybe you will find the strawberries crying for help to not get eaten,

Maybe you will find a field of poppies,

Or a scary clown mask waiting to haunt you…


Through the pink door 

You might find  lovely roses being picked by joyful children,

Maybe even a nice delicious peach,

Or someone putting lipstick on their face.

through the magical door

  • I used good opposites.
  • I used great punctuation.
  • I will try to do more simile.

Through the pink door

There is a box of chocolate,

A milk shake waiting to be drank

And candy floss burning…  


Through the red door

I found soup burning to its death,

A red pepper burning to ice

And fire cooking thunder.


Through the yellow door

I found the sun shining through the


A banana relaxing at the pool,

A flower dancing on the rocks,

A yellow pepper jumping into warm water.


Through the blue door

I saw water making a balloon,

A ice cube doing a front flip,

Blue paint splatting on a sponge,

 a rangers t-shirt put on a monkey…


Through the green door

I found a sprout flying in the sky,

A cucumber wiggling like a hot dog,

A sauce pan cooking leaves

And grass sitting on a rabbit…


Through the black door

I found a sunset crying for darkness,

A pencil poking you upside down,

A paint brush painting the room of darkness

And ooze dripping from the stairs. 



              The end

By luca.

the wonders through the door

Through the green door 

Leaves crunched under my feet 

and grass as green as can be. 


Through the yellow door

The sun shone on the sand

Yellow flowers grew from the sand.


Through the red door

A Sheild glistening in the wind, 

and a magical cape in the sky. 

through the wonderful door



Through the black door

 Horror struck lightning high above the sky

An angry scary man looked from above waiting for his chance to take over the city

Or you might see the blistering bloodshot eye of a big tall giant


Through the orange door

I saw Paddington eating his emergency marmalade sandwich

A egg yolk melting in the frying pan

Or the autumn breeze lifting you off your feet



Through green door,

I saw turtles having a race on the table

A tree dancing with the winds flow in the big town

Or herbs being put into the restraunts pasta recipe 


Through the brown door

Two workmen screwdriving the nails into the wood

The chocolate melting in the sunny whether



Through the pink door 

I saw a rainbow in the lovely sunny whether 

A unicorn prancing as it was feed sweets

a making candy floss 20 miles per hour


Through the orange door

I found a sunset as dark as night,

A starfish dancing it the sea,

A crab as orange as a tangerine.


Through the green door

I found a  four leaf clover dancing in the wind,

A very hard  frog jumping away,

Vines climbing up to the roof.


Through the purple door

I found  hundreds of butterflies running in the sky,

Bluebells as purple as Barny the dinosaur,

A ready  Ribena berry bush to be picked.


Through the white door

I found clouds as soft as a bunny,

Crunchy pink candy floss,

And a feather dancing in the wind.


Through the yellow door

I found gold bars as shiny as the sun,

 Crunchy corn,

And a smiling flower looking at me.


Through the indigo door 

I found the soundless sea,

 A dolphin jumping around

And the navy night sky.