through the magical door

  • I used good opposites.
  • I used great punctuation.
  • I will try to do more simile.

Through the pink door

There is a box of chocolate,

A milk shake waiting to be drank

And candy floss burning…  


Through the red door

I found soup burning to its death,

A red pepper burning to ice

And fire cooking thunder.


Through the yellow door

I found the sun shining through the


A banana relaxing at the pool,

A flower dancing on the rocks,

A yellow pepper jumping into warm water.


Through the blue door

I saw water making a balloon,

A ice cube doing a front flip,

Blue paint splatting on a sponge,

 a rangers t-shirt put on a monkey…


Through the green door

I found a sprout flying in the sky,

A cucumber wiggling like a hot dog,

A sauce pan cooking leaves

And grass sitting on a rabbit…


Through the black door

I found a sunset crying for darkness,

A pencil poking you upside down,

A paint brush painting the room of darkness

And ooze dripping from the stairs. 



              The end

By luca.

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