through the wonderful door



Through the black door

 Horror struck lightning high above the sky

An angry scary man looked from above waiting for his chance to take over the city

Or you might see the blistering bloodshot eye of a big tall giant


Through the orange door

I saw Paddington eating his emergency marmalade sandwich

A egg yolk melting in the frying pan

Or the autumn breeze lifting you off your feet



Through green door,

I saw turtles having a race on the table

A tree dancing with the winds flow in the big town

Or herbs being put into the restraunts pasta recipe 


Through the brown door

Two workmen screwdriving the nails into the wood

The chocolate melting in the sunny whether



Through the pink door 

I saw a rainbow in the lovely sunny whether 

A unicorn prancing as it was feed sweets

a making candy floss 20 miles per hour

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