My magical poem




Through the ocean door,

I found Dori swimming in the sea meeting other creatures,

Blue eyes staring at the middle of spooky scary night.


Though the green door,

I found a jungle with lots of animals it was almost like a stamped charging,

Troon links golf course where I got my first hole in one.


Through the red door,

I found lots of roses siting  on a park all the way in London for the queen,

Flamingos standing in the dancing water fluttering on the lovely evening,

Hearts all over the world and they are full of joy and happiness.


Through the Voilet door,

I found a plum I ate it was delicious it tasted like a cake a plum cake but still it was really good,

A violet water bottle with healing  water and if you drink from it you are healed for the rest of your life.


Through the pink, 

I found pink bright blooming sun in the dying evening at around 6:00pm,

A pen writing its way to finish the story.


Through the orange door,

I found a marmalade Sandwich homemade it was really good,

An orange and me eating it was like I was eating a pie but still tasty.

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