The doors of mystery

Through the scarlet door

I saw a fire truck wailing,

A heart pulsing in a hospital,

Blood dripping bloop bloop bloop…



Through the hunter green door

I saw apples falling from a tree,

Frogs hopping from Lilypad to lilypad,

Tennis balls bouncing off the ground…



Through the white door

I could glide my hand through clouds and it felt as soft as a bear cubs fur,

I saw a dove nose dive down to catch fish,

I could feal cream fill in my mouth…



Through the yellow door

I could see lemons getting squished,

I could see the sun shining brighter than some peoples souls,

When I sat down I could feal thousands of dandelions…



In the orange door

I could see gold fish jumping out the pond bloop,

I could see people playing basketball,

I could go pick apricots from the thousands of trees…

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