through the magical doors


Through the baby blue door

I found the blue roll sitting alone waiting to be used,

A blue bell dancing in the rain,

The sky arguing with the sun,



Through the green door

I found the trees leaves falling off turning to marmalade leaves,

The grass starting to grow every second,

The Celtic players celebrating because they won playing rangers.



Through the black door

Maybe there is a charcoal cat relaxing in its cosy fluffy bed,

A big bowl of dark chocolate waiting to be ate,

Or maybe even a creepy spider crawling up your back!…


Through the yellow door 

I found the beautiful sunflower happily swaying in the wind,

The banana having a party with all the other juicy fruits in the fruit bowl,

The pencil being used for the exam,

The sun singing to the clouds.


Through the red door 

Maybe you will find the strawberries crying for help to not get eaten,

Maybe you will find a field of poppies,

Or a scary clown mask waiting to haunt you…


Through the pink door 

You might find  lovely roses being picked by joyful children,

Maybe even a nice delicious peach,

Or someone putting lipstick on their face.

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