Through the door of wonders

My magical poem!

Through the black door

I found a broken heart shattering into small pieces,

A  magpie sadly sitting on the roof of my old abandoned shed,

Or a spooky pitch black night at 3am.


Through the white door

I found  a holy dove flying gracefully across the cloudy sky,

A ice cream dropped on the hard concrete floor at Troon beach.

Or a sheep happily running across the field on a sunny day.


Through the red door

I heard a family having a movie night with the log burner on,

A love letter getting posted,

 And a letterbox dancing poshly on a

hot day.


Through the orange door

I saw a fat orange  cat lurking about my garden,

Or Irn bru exploding all over my face.




Through the yellow door

I saw crazy monkeys racing for a bundle of  bananas,

A bundle of coins left on my front door.

Or a lemon tap dancing on top of my fruit bowl.

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