Go and open the door…

Go and open the snow door,

Maybe you’ll see a snowflake dancing in the breeze feeling coldness in your vains.


Go and open the ruby door,

Maybe you’ll see apples falling down making you so hungry you eat it.


Go and open the tiger door,

Maybe you’ll see an orange with a face wanting you to vomit everywhere.


Go and open the pickle door, 

Maybe you’ll find croaky frogs hopping and gazing at the sky making you disgusted.


Go and open the gold door,

Maybe you will see the sunlight shining in your eyes whispering to you to come while it’s burning your skin.


Go and open the rose door,

Maybe you will see flamingos ready to fly away patiently.


Go and open the sky door,

Maybe you’ll find dolphins jumping out of the water.


Go and open the lavender door,

Maybe you’ll see the crayons dancing in the room in circles making you dizzy.

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