I Have…

I Have…



I have ridden an old bike before in the shimmering sunset on Troon prom, 

but I have never ridden a rocket to the misty moon through the unknowing universe. 


I have walked on green grass on solid ground in my glorious garden in Troon, 

but I have never strolled on the misty moon in outer space gazing at the glistening stars. 


I have touched the whistling waves of Troon horse shoe shaped beach, but I have never touched a single glowing candle flame, like St. Bernadette did. 


I have smelt smoke from a wood burning fire or a brilliant barbeque in the fabulous Fullarton Woods in Troon,

but I have never smelt the wet soggy fur of a penguin from the Artic Ocean. 


I have captured a fabulous scaly fish on a boat at the edge of Scotland, 

but I have never captured a flaming asteroid from space with one single lasso.     

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