I have never

I have never ridden a dangerous dragon that lives 

up in a mystical cave with treasure that 

smiles so bright it could blind gods, 

but I have ridden a horse as white as a 

ghost as swift as a beautiful bird that

you feel like you’re flying like you could nearly touch the clouds


I have never been on an adventure with the guardians 

of the galaxies as they jump from planet to planet saving 

each one the beautiful views curious creatures kind and sweet

But I have been on an airplane so high in the sky seeing lights looking

Up and smiling saying hello flying over the ocean seeing boats that look as tiny as ants.


I have never been on a world tour with Anne Marie

traveling from  Greece to Turkey, Paris to Uk eating all the 

delicious and deallocate foods as my mouth waters for more 

But I have been to a Anne Marie concert with all the amazing lights

The spectacular support act playing their miraculous music as the 

Floor dances and jumps.

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