I’ve never…

I’ve Never…


I’ve never broken into the Bahamas Bank,

but I have looted an extra sweet out of the sweet jar.


I’ve never crashed my mums car on purpose,

but I accidentally broke a plastic bowl.


I’ve never befriended a vicious tiger,

but I have tamed a wild ginger cat.


I’ve never set off to go skiing down a ferocious volcano,

but I have rolled down a happy, miniature hill.


I’ve never spotted a Hydra in the Pacific,

but I did see nine fish swim around me.


I’ve never ventured out of the universe,
but I have wandered into a dark, mysterious cave.


I’ve never bungee jumped from eight-hundred feet in the air,

but I have jumped 7 feet in the air.


I’ve never arrested a mischievous prisoner,

but I cosplayed as a cop when I was little.


I’ve never defeated The Rock in a fight,

but I have overcome my dad in an action game.

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