I’ve never…

I have never climbed a tall mountain,

but I have slid down Mount Pit.


I have never grown a tree,

but I have planted a sunflower seed in my garden.


I have never flown in a plane to Spain,

but I have travelled to Ipswich by train.


I have never seen a monitor lizard,

but I have  observed a monkey chewing a banana in Banham Zoo.


I have never touched a rhinos thick skin,

but I have held a snake at South Angle Farm.


I have never stroked a jaguar,

but I have petted my cat Meg.


I have never seen an elephant drink from a lake,

but I have watched my sister’s rats drink.


I have never listened to a lion roar,

but I have heard my sister’s cat meow.


I have never seen a volcano erupt,

but I have watched a monkey swing from branch to branch at Swallow Aquatics.


I have never touched a monkey,

but I have poked a starfish at Sea Life Centre.

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