I’ve never

I’ve never seen the sands of Madagascar,

but I have seeked the beach of Great Yarmouth.


I’ve never eaten the most expensive Caviar,

but I have tasted fish and chips from Sea Star.


I’ve never heard a wolf howl to the moon,

but I have listened to a Peacock’s taunt.


I’ve never sang with Ariana Grande,

but I have shared a favourite song with my Bestie.


I’ve never descended down the waves of Hawaii,

but I have surfed on the sea of Hunstanton.


I’ve never spotted the extravagant rainforest,

but I have sighted the woods of Brandon.


I’ve never swam in the Pacific Ocean,

but I have dived in the rivers of Lackford Lakes.


I’ve never experienced Alton Towers,

but I have seen the Pleasure Beach.


I’ve never spotted a Unicorn eating a donut,

but I have seen my Bestie in a Unicorn onesie eating an icecream.

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