I`ve never

I have never eaten dragon fruit,

but I have chewed an apple fresh from a tree in my garden.


I have never seen a tiger in the wilds of Africa,

but I have observed a monkey in Banham Zoo.


I have never caught eye of a tiger in the Zoo of America,

but I have seen an American skyscraper called the main skyscraper.


I have never eaten a live slug from fresh lettuce,

but I have tasted freshly made butter from Tescos.


I have never ridden on a horse to the Olympics,

but I have stroked a cow on freshly eaten grass.


I have never killed a pig on my land,

but I have seen a fox kill my chickens twice.


I have never held a baby pig on my farm,

but I have been licked on my face by a baby goat on my mothers friend’s farm.

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