Open the teal door…

Open the teal blue door,

maybe you’ll see and ocean with crashing waves,

I would feel happy because it’s so beautiful.


Open the mocha door,

maybe you’ll see a tree stump as tall as a giraffe,

I would feel camless because it’s just a tree.


Open the pickle door,

maybe you’ll hear leaves dropping from of the trees,

I would feel joyful because I can mesabout in them.


Open the scarlet door,

maybe you will see fire burning as the sun goes down,

I will feel terrified because it can burn me.


Open the fushcia door,

maybe you might see lovely flowers growing,

You will feel amazed because they are so good looking.


Open the caramel door,

maybe you will see a swamp with scary crocodiles,

I will feel worried because they could probably eat me.

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