Behind the door.

Go and open the azure door.

Maybe you’ll see a diamond shining,

with a smurf showing rapacity.


Go and open the periwinkle door.

Maybe you’ll see candles

and books,

with many calm people reading.


Go and open the verdant door.

Maybe there is leaves falling

and trees being tall and short,

there may be a person enjoying it.


Go and open the coral door.

Maybe there is,

roses covering the floor

and people proposing with happiness.


Go and open the amber door.

Maybe you’ll see shattered bottles 

and people with boredom in their eyes.


Go and open the silver door.

Maybe there is 

rattling keys,

with surprised faces people stare 


Go and open the scarlet door.

Maybe there is,

fire crackling in the distance

and people with anger in their eyes.

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