Question Poem

What are loud? A scary lion’s roar, a giant’s heavy footstep and a see-through window shattering.

What are quiet? A person writing,a human sleeping and a cat’s footsteps.


What are soft? A pug’s fur, a comfy pillow and a memory foam mattress.

What are hard? Bullet proof glass, freshly mined diamonds and running fast in the hot sun.


What are hot? The bright yellow sun, my mum’s oven when she is cooking dinner and the kettle as it boils.

What are cold? A freezer full of ice cubes, a dog’s wet nose and the cold breeze on a winter’s day.


What are smooth? A slab of metal, a table with a melamine surface and a mouse pad on a laptop.

What are rough? Bumpy roads in the countryside, a zip’s teeth and rocks on a mountainside.

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