What are?

What are glossy? A chunk of metal glistening in the sun, a polished diamond shining in its case and the kitchen counter gleaming in the sun.

What are dull? The off white wall sitting in despair, a brown potato waiting to be used and a birch wood frame.


What are booming? A baby’s cry at the chime of midnight , Frankie shouting when he knows he shouldn’t be and an aeroplane’s engine getting ready to leave.

What are silent? A green leaf descending to the floor, a library with many people and a blobfish eating seaweed in the deep sea.


What are delicate? A bright white cloud ,a venus fly trap spreaded on the table and a crying infant at the day of birth.

What are durable? A graffitied wall ,a light brown table being used every day and the freshly cut wood laying on the floor.


What are sharp? Newly sharpened knives , mum’s recently done nails and rusted screws at ground level.

What are blunt? Old knives that are in the bin, the hit on my mum’s car and an ancient blade dying in the rocks.

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