What are?

What are blunt? The used blade of a battle sword, the front bumper of my mum’s Volkswagen and the top of a pinecone.

What are sharp? A spike piercing through an intruder, a butter knife slicing through butterfat and the pointy claws of my Ragdale cat.


What are smooth? The featureless pebble at the bottom of the lake, the soothing skin of a baby and the wood underneath the bark of a tree.

What are rough? The irregular rocks up mount Everest, the jaggy bark of a sycamore and the metal jagged ironspike from Podkin One-Ear.


What are delicate? My mum’s ornaments on the mantelpiece, the fancy plates from Home Bargains and the wine glasses from a deluxe restaurant.

What are durable?The enclosed wall of a nuclear bunker, an oak tree towering over and a boulder on Mount Snowdon.


What are spongy?  The carpet of moss on the forest floor, the mouldy apple in my fruit basket and my memory foam mattress.

What are solid? A painted concrete wall, a bar of 24 carot gold and a glacier barging through ice.

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