What are…..

What are loud? A German Shepherd’s long distance cry, my dad after he forgets to lock up his tool shed, and Forest Academy’s bell going off once lunch is over.

What are mute? The summer breeze blowing yellow daffodils in the Thetford fields, a sheepdog after a long, restless day of work and a butterfly looking for delicious nectar.


What are soft? A fluffy calve’s fur at Little Lodge farm, a newborn baby’s teddy bear and my hair after a long, refreshing shower.

What are hard? Year five spelling questions, a seven hundred page book in Santon Downham library and Dwanye Johnson’s muscles.


What are hot? Chilli heatwave crisps from Tescos, a dragon’s boiling breath and my teachers love for David Beckham.

What are cold? A spoon full of chocolate flavoured ice cream from the freezer, a broken heart inside a forgotten person and your face after playing out in the snow.


What are smooth? A new rubber from the cupboard in Elder class, polished wood from my grandad’s workshop and a new english book’s first pages.

What is rough? Velcro from my nan’s knitting set, the feeling of rubbing your fingers against a giraffe’s neck and  the edge of my desktop at home.

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