the doors of wonder.

Go through the blue door,

Maybe you’ll see a vast sea,

Made by tears.


Open the red door,

Maybe you’ll see a hot volcano,

Spilling out the anger of a thousand men,


Open the grey door,

Maybe you will find a cloud as black as night,

Made by the annoyance of lies.


Go through the white door,

Maybe you’ll come to a void,

Made by blank emotion.


Go in the purple door,

Maybe you’ll find amethyst as purple as berries,red rubies and glistening green emeralds,

Forged by the happiness of gods.


Go and open the orange door,

You may find citrine,imperial topaz,fire opal,amber,aventurine,oimanas,sapphires,spinel,diamonds,tourmaline,carnelian,zircon,sunstone,spessartite garnet and sphalerite,

Made by the clisson of planets.

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