Through the golden door…

Through the tiger door,
You will see cheetahs racing each other through the desert and the stripes from a rainbow when people get angry at each other.

Through the void door,
You will see holes everywhere that are all black inside and people feeling empty because there is no one playing with them.

Through the crimson door,
You will see blood dripping from the door and the strength of people weight lifting.

Through the golden door,
You will see bananas falling from the sky and the rocks glossing through the shiny water.

Through the navy door,
You will see blueberries growing on bushes so that people could eat them and inspiring people to the colour blue.

Through the emerald door,
You will see green pears growing on trees and the grass swaying in the wind and the feeling of tranquil.

Through the cinnamon door,
You will see bark falling off the trees and the isolation of the process.

Through the fossil door,
You will see so many silver coins and the feeling of elegance of people looking smart.

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