The magic mayhem

Go on open the crimson door,

maybe there is

an unbelievably sweet strawberry

a campfire brighter than a kids smile

a piece of burning charcoal.


Go and open the blush door,

maybe there is

a farm filled with fattened pigs

a floral field filled with rose and tulips

a sun set as calming as a fresh cup of water.


Go and look though the amber door,

maybe there is

Autumn leaves floating down as if they were as light as a feather

a fox slinking slyly round a forest

Piles of bronze and copper as rich as a king.


Go and look in to into the room of gold,

maybe you will see

ducks floating on the water as gracious as a song

a corn on the cob as delicious and beautiful as a bouquet of flower

lights as bright as the sun’s rays.


Go and open the brunette door,

maybe you will see

a room of delicious chocolate

trees as tall as cities

or a dog cuter than a baby bear.


Go and open the shamrock door,

maybe there is

a parrot that can fly as high as a skyscraper

an emerald as shiny as stainless steel

a bunch of limes as fresh as a daisy.


Finally for one last time look into the violet door,

there might be

a swarm of butterflies as glorious as the crown jewels

a night as beautiful as cat’s eyes

grapes as sour as a lemon.

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