The strange doors

The strange doors


Go and open the slimy green door,

Maybe you’ll see a gooy monster lurking 

Or the sickness off atomic liquid

and poison ivy ready to devour your soul.


Go and open the lavender door,

there  may be jars of scents

Or valentine chocolates of lavender designs 

And lavender washing liquid sweetening your dearest clothes.


Go and open the cadmium door,

With fresh barbecued corn being buttered for taste

Or the joyfulness of busy bees creating sweet thick honey

And a yellow pool of lemon juice.


Go and open the atomic tangerine door,

Flying pumpkins carved to perfection

Or the blending of orange juice pouring into satisfaction

And atomic orange crystals shimmering from the blended oranges.


Go and open the cobalt door,

The depression of lost family an friends

Or jewellery worn to amazement and jealousy

Intensifying looks haunting the colour.


Go and open the flaming door,

Firing phoenix flapping in lava

Or hot peppers flaming one’s tongue

and aggravation from smog infested air.


Go and open the purple aurored door,

Imagination of midnight skies with amethyst northern lights

Or gentle waves of purple unimaginable relaxation

And furiously bright cloaks for wizards.


Go and open the caramel door,

Milky making of delicious twixes flavouring your mouth

Or happiness to wait for sweet caramel to melt on your tongue

And caramelised popcorn with a sad movie.

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