Open the Magical Doors…

Go and open the gleaming gold door,

maybe you’ll see a happy glow reflecting off your face,

a shiny trophy smiling whilst being polished

or stars twinkling in the sky like glitter falling into your eyes.


Go and open the scarlet door,

maybe there is a fierce fire growing as fast as a teenager with growing pain,

a farmer’s field full of sweet strawberries

or a pool of boiling blood from the bodies of the kind people who fought for their country.


Go and open the azure door, 

maybe you’ll hear darts of sorrow aiming at your heart,

blueberries falling into your mouth

or the ocean crashing down onto your sandy toes.


Go and open the jade door,

maybe there is a pile of coal burning in your hand, 

bats flying in a gloomy cave

or crows squawking in the depths of night. 

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