The rainbow house

The rainbow house!

Go and open the red door,

Maybe you will see,

strawberry’s and cherry’s being freshly picked,

Rose petals falling of the plants and

a poppy growing in the flower bed.

Go and open the orange door,

Maybe you will see,

a goldfish in its tank,

oranges being freshly squeezed and

Bubbling lava falling in a rock pool.

Go and open the yellow door,

Maybe you will see,

daffodils being picked by a young girl,

Lemons falling off the bush and

ducklings swimming in the pond.

Go and open the green door,

Maybe you will see,

baby trees growing,

leafs blowing

And mint being used for limeade.

Go and open the blue door,

Maybe you will see,

the beautiful ocean reflecting the sky,

Whales and dolphins flexing its tricks and

the chef making a blueberry smoothie for others.

Go and open the pink door,

Maybe you will see,

flamingos pecking at the shrimp,

Candy floss being made by the waterfall and

tulips growing out the grass.

Go and open the purple door,

Maybe you will see,

Plums falling of the tree,

Purple crayons being used for colouring and

lavender falling of the bush.

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