Recipe for crystal tree by Sarah SWW

Recipe for crystal tree by Sarah SWW
The first step is to take twenty gems in different variety but must be the same so twenty ruby’s, diamonds and topaz don’t worry you don’t have to use these gems it’s your choice .

Next step you need a dead tree with no leaf’s you will find these in the pitch black forest then dig it out then bring back to your place make sure you bring a lantern with you.

After that find a good place to put the dead tree. Then pour half a cup of sparkling rainbow unicorn blood in the soil.

Leave your tree for a year : crystal trees are very rare but if you do the multi coloured crystal tree which is the advanced version it will take five years.

When your tree has immerged you should see your gems of your choice on the tree if you would like to add a bit more to your crystal tree you can add more gems on the wood by applying glue or put pretty or natural rock leaning against your tree and if you make more and more crystal trees you will be able to grow a mixing crystal tree but it’s advanced so start of with the beginner trees.

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