If I were summond

If I were summoned

To create a treasure

I would take:


The sound of

The gallop from a black and white horse,

The hiss from a scaly snake,

The meow from a fluffy cat,

The venom from a deadly spider.


The touch of

The fluffy fur on a cat at home,

The snowflakes on my shoulder outside,

The grass tickling my feet as I lay on the field.


The smell of 

The cookies cooking in the oven,

The smoke coming out the toaster,

The flower bouquet at the shops.


The taste of

A milkshake that has been in the fridge,

My favorite vegetable pizza,

The cookies my mum makes.


The sight of

The most pretty field of flowers,

The sunset at the beach,

The diamond earrings I got for my 10th birthday.

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