If I were summoned to to create a treasure I would take:

If I were summoned 

To create a treasure

I would take:


The sound of,

Birds chirping humbly,

Bees buzzing for honey,

And a royal plane landing.


The touch of,

Silky material of my party dress,

The sun burning my skin until bright red,

And the green, prickly grass poked me as I lay.


The smell of,

A mug of coffee ready to be served,

The hot pizza in the picnic basket,

And the ice cream in the freezer waiting to be licked.


The taste of,

The warm, spicy,  freshly seasoned biryani,

The vanilla and chocolate ice cream, karate kicking 

My taste buds, And the most hardest,reddest and sweetest 

Apple ever grown.




The sight of,

The shimmering, beautiful moon and

stars in the night sky,

The cutest cat playing with strings,

And my baby sister is taking her first steps.


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