If i were summoned

To create a treasure 

I would take


The sound

The venom dripped from a deadly snakes mouth

The bite of a dangerous Sabertooth-Cat

The comfort of a fluffy bunny

The sharp paws of a stray Black-Footed Cat 


The touch

The crisp of the snowy mountain in Antarctica

The quiet city of Tokyo where people visit the most


The smell 

The rage of lightning crashing through the modern houses

The bakeries most famous cookies scent was flaffting through the air 

The frosty aroma as I step out on a winter’s day


The taste 

A bite out of the chocolate cookies,I know where my future was

In the gloomy shop sitting and eating the worst food.

Delicious cookie dough,I thought i was dreaming


The sight

The saturn ring may be falling into pieces but it still has long to live

You see stars every night 

The solar system when Saturn comes close to earth every billion years

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