Question Poem

                    Question poem 

What are lonely? A panda in a Chinese rainforest and a leaf in an unforgotten forest. 

What are hot? A steaming hot pizza oven and a blazing sun. 

What are cold? The cold snow that falls at Christmas and the cold frost on the white snowy grass.  

What are fragile? My granny’s skin, a Chinese teacup, and an antique piano that you cannot play. 

What are wide? The rolling seas, an unaware yawn and windows that get thrown open. 

What is quiet? My tears that fall down my face when I am sad and a single mouse that walks down a pathway on a miserable night. 

What are heavy? A big hay bale in the pond outside my house and my cozy comfortable bed. 

What are soft? A comfortable mattress and a pillow fort. 

What are fast? A fast Ferrari and a zooming chetah going through a bush to catch its prey. 


Charlotte Oyne school P5 

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