Question Poem

Question Poem


What is memorable? My sweet baby sister breathing air for the first time and the loss of my gorgeous great grandmother Gemma.

What is soft? My favourite warm and cosy blanket cuddled up to me on an icy winter’s day and silky, delicate rose petals.


What is hopeful? The bright sun pouring into the no longer pitch black cave.

What is quiet? Golden leaves swiftly drifting to the ground and the very awkward silence in Miss Yarwood’s maths class when she asks a tricky question.


What is hilarious? When Georgia (my little sister) steales my mum’s phone to go on Cbeebies playtime island and drains all the battery.

What is delicious? The fantastic taste of sugary Krispy Kreme donuts bouncing joyfully off the tip of my tongue and lovely thick pancakes with nutella chocolate and you can’t forget the strawberries on top.


What is depressing? A neglected broken heart, a child’s single tear and when I find out it’s my turn to clean my dirty hamster Cutie’s filthy cage.


What is finished? This question poem. 

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