rileys treasures

If i were summoned,

To create a treasure,

I would take:


The tip of a rhinos horn,

The bite of 12 lions,

The lick of a snake’s tongue.


The tunnel filled with love,

The eye of new york,

The middle of a storm.


The yellow river flood,

The overcoming dirt of a landslide,

A sinkhole sucking in everything.


The bones of a t-rex,

The remains of a viking,

The fossil of a snail.


The suction of a black hole,

The power of many suns,

The rigs on saturn.


A wolf hunting a child,

The 3 pigs who defeated a wolf,

The lost glass slipper.


The long walk against china’s wall,

The temple of the myan times,

A tunnel through Egyptian pyramids.


A goblin smiling with its yellow teeth,

A tall creature with sirens at its head,

The sparks of Mjölnir hitting stone.

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