Question Poem

What are small ? A red toy car, a baby puppy and 

One of Santa’s elf’s.

What are big ? A shouting T-rex, a rich man’s mansion and 

A plane souring through the air.


What are mean ? A bully roaring at you, a teacher when you

Do something bad and the time ticking as you are doing

A test.

What are kind ? A person giving money to the poor, 

A lion helping her cubs and someone singing in the



What are cold ? A evil glare, the freezing winter and a  beautiful snowflake.

What are warm ? An ovens blaze, the bright sun gleaming and a warm smile.


What are fast ? A zooming chaeta, a Bugatti and Maverick flying in a fighter jet.

What are slow ? A snale slithering up a hill, a bad connection and a Brocken car.

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