what is hot

What is hot? Melted glass ready to be shaped into a perfect vase, a campfire as it gently toasts marshmallows and steaming hot chocolate.

What is cold? An evil person’s heart as it strikes its next victim, the darkness as it comes around to Earth and the deepness of space.

What is fun? Playing football at the local park, messing around with my aunt’s gorgeous dog ruby and being in bed watching YouTube.

What is boring? A rainy day watching the rain pour out the window, a grumpy pug being sat there doing nothing and a long hard math’s exam


What is loud? The chatter of the bar filled with empty pint glasses, the bark of angry dog ready to bite and the neighbor’s gardener trimming the hedges.

What is quiet? The autumn leaves falling from the trees in the breeze, the winter snow falling and hitting the ground softly and the feathers falling from the dove gracefully flying.

What is heavy? The music to the local rock’n’roll band, the toolbox my dad has had since his early twenties and the boulder rushing down the huge mountain in the Alps.

What is light? My toy car what I still have since I was two, the feathers from scared pigeons and the stones in my beautiful back garden.








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