Bittle unicorn

A Bittle unicorn a small,bright red,bright red unicorn. This unicorn is very common in some places they are known as pests. you may be thinking how can a small animal bee hot headed but they are known as the number one angryest animal in the world.

Bittles live in any cold places such as ice rinks, ice cream shop or greenland they do not live in the poles as there are no people to annoy. They are most commonly found in your fridges and freezes eating all the stock of chicken nuggets.

A bittle is the smallest unicorn in the world it is smaller than a orane but very feisty .It has bright red fur,spicky yellow hair,orange eyes and black hooves.

The diet of a bittle is very simple it eats its poo,which is chicken nuggets. But if they run out they eat your chicken nuggets.

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