Water Pegasus Pepper

The water Pegasus, which is very rare , can be found near the sea. They can fly over the clouds and can be mistaken for birds or planes. In addition, they firstly came from a Mexican island near the sea . But they were getting hunted there so they made a move and came to England. The one I am talking about today is called Pepper. Please enjoy this text.

This paragraph will tell you about Pegasus’s habitats. They live in sea caves occasionally they leave their caves to hunt. Pepper was in her cave  room  with coral doors and was sat on her bed reading a Pegasus Spy book. Pegasus’s surprisingly love reading. They can’t learn or go to school, so they read. They decorate their caves with seaweed flower garnets and coral in all different colours aswell.

Water pegasi look like unicorns and the majority of the time get mistaken for them. but water pegasi  have pale blue wings and a pale blue body. They have black hooves and dark blue eyes. They all have special glittery cutie marks. Amazingly, their cutie marks give them magic and they can move stuff with their horns.

The majority of pegasi eat fish, shellfish, seaweed, snails and slugs. The western pegasi eat only fish. This is because they don’t think eating other things is nice and they think it is dis respectful. I hope we can look after these beautiful creatures and their wellbeing for generations to come.


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