The Crystal Emporium

Ben was that kind of person who liked to explore new things. Round the corner from Bens house, there was a new shop called The Crystal Emporium but his Mom often warned him that it could be very dangerous. One rainy afternoon, Ben was walking down Shiny Road until he heard a loud creak coming from The Crystal Emporium door. Without thinking of anything he opened the door gently,then stepped in with caution.


In The Crystal Emporium, everywhere he looked it was full of exciting displays including tiny airplanes flying around the shop, a chrome blue cage full of magpies and a mini jar full of small white mints. To one side of the shop there was a lighthouse flickering and there were multicoloured umbrellas.To the other side of the shop there was a plate full of the sourest sweets in the world and an overfilled bowl with all kinds of sweets and delicious looking chocolates.


‘’ I see that you have found my books’’ Ben jumped up in fear, slammed the book down and looked straight up at the owner. He was an old man with a blind eye who had a pet tarantula on his face.

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