The Disney Wonders Emporium

The Disney Wonders Emporium 



Do you know what is inside the Disney Wonders Emporium? Well, there are lots of magical rooms. There are princess rooms and one for every Disney movie ever made.  There is even one magical room with the Disney castle in it and it feels magical. 


Chapter 1 

Not long ago in France there was a nineteen-year-old girl called Belle. She liked Stitch, her favourite colour was yellow she had brown hair with blue eyes. Belle had loved Disney films ever since she was two.  

One day Belle went to Disneyland Paris and saw a job opening so of course she said yes, she would sign up for an interview. A few days later she had the interview, and she got the job. Belle was so overjoyed you would not believe how happy she was.  

At the interview, Belle met the owner of Disney.  His full name was Walter Elias Disney, but he said Belle could call him Mr D.  Mr D told me to come back the next day and that her first job was to be a director for the parade, so people didn’t get in the way of the floats. 

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