The Flying Emporium





The Flying Emporium



There are some places where no one never goes to The Flying Emporium was like that.


Even though, you could smell the delicious sweets inside. Even though, you could hear an noisy arcade inside. Even though, there were toys sitting on the balcony waiting for somebody to play with them.


But no one ever entered because last time people lost their memory until Jack.



Jack has always been adventurous and his dream was to be the greatest adventurer in the world, his dad said one day this will all go wrong.

One windy morning Jack was walking by Wilson street the Emporium was

 there, but something was off the lights were on, Jack though this was unusual he thought this was his moment to finally the best adventurer of all time.


Jack entered the emporium, it was all gold and shiny and lots of cool things to touch on the ceiling a gold chandelier shining as bright as a moon ,on the counter lots of money Jack hasn’t seen that much money In his entire life, on the floor wooden train tracks spinning in circles  waiting for a new track, to one side a bunch of stuffed animals being patient for a hug, in the corner jigsaws asking for someone to complete them and by the door a gold handle that shined like a diamond ring.



But what interested  the most was a book ,he lifted the book up and it said the book  of secrets. I see you found my book of secrets hissed a  voice by the curtain. an old appeared with a golden beagle by its right foot. Jack  gasped and  closed the book with such force that his echo fluttered around the shop, he looked up to the old man’s blue eyes and looked at the cute beagle that shook his head disapprovingly.

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