The spooky emporium


There are some places where people never dare to enter.

Well the Spooky Emporium was like that.


Although every Halloween it was dark and spooky and wicked witches chase you and  wizards cast there spells.

Although, the creepy dolls on the shelf move about the house and scream loudly at night.

Even though, You could see the lamppost lights flickering or the fire works exploding in the air like a bomb of happiness. Even though, you heard the sound of chattering inside. Even though, the carnival rides at Brassie beach where queued round the full beach, like a toy box overflowing.


But no one ever entered. In the hallway it was to scary and all u heard was spooky noises. It was as if it was trying to make u enter but no one ever did. No one until that’s Dave.


Chapter one – in the Emporium!

Dave had always been scared because his mother and father left him when he was born but the last words she said to him where watch out for danger. One rainy morning Dave was walking down Killin place. When he noticed something unusual about the Emporium the lights where flickering like mad, and the door was finally open and without hesitation, he stomped in.


Everywhere he looked there where daddy long legs crawling about the walls but then she saw a shiny golden box with antique jewellery hanging out the box and randomly music started playing and filled the shop. A weird stuffed white owl  sat at the window ledge ,and Dave saw scary shadows beaming with darkness. On one of the counters there was a plate of lamb guts. There where a display of old china dolls at the window, Weird looking statues of chimpanzees where on a desk and the walls where a weird poo colour. To one side, There where a bunch of  stuffed animals including, cats, tigers, racoons and dogs. There where tanks of great white sharks there teeth as sharp as thorns and as white as a blizard. But what intrested dave the most was a old rusty old leather book. As he turned pages, the writing was big and bold but  the writing was moving so he could not read it.


I see you found my book of habitats whispered a voice. Dave looked around with a scared look, closed the book and looked up at the owner of the emporium. It was a young tall women will with unusual rainbow hair. On her shoulder was a huge snake hissing. She looked at it in dissipontment  and  said in a mood OH NO!

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