the mystic emporiom

Chapter one-the mystic emporium


Riley was going down a street,with no phone and scared being followed by 2 bullies ,he starts running the bullies start to run to.but riley saw the mystic emporium and stood staring into a universe of toys,the brick work as golden as starlight and a moonlight silver door waiting to be opened,so he entered.


As he entered,the smell of cheesecake delighted him and the infinite toys were changed to all his favourites and a closed red curtain with orange flickering light spiling from the curtain illuminating the room he was in.seeing a silver bees fly around a flower, a snake golden like the sun then emerged from a door leading to somewhere and a hamster as awake as a star nibling on his shoes,he ran towards the curtain to escape but suddenly was face to face with blinding heat,he pushed past the heat Riley saw a phoenix blue and red the rarest one of them all he thought, but it flew away as it sensed him,Riley turned back for his safety and saw a desk he opened a draw he found a book,the phoenix was on the book red and blue it was but suddenly a man with grey lightning eyes a dark jacket on his back a voice so anonymous its cruel he said “i see,you found my book child” Riley put the book back lifted his head and his head was puzzled it was his…….

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